Dr Clair Alston-knox

Clair is the Head of Data Visualisation Development and a Senior Statistician at Predictive Analytics Group. In this role, she is part of a large team of specialist analysts who are working on the development of AutoStat®, a new cloud based software providing access to a
suite of statistical, ML and AI algorithms. She is currently involved in providing specialist advice and modelling for device accrediatation through Advanced Livestock Measurement Technologies (ALM Tech) and other modelling consultant work.

Prior to this role, Clair worked as a statistician in the Griffith Social and Behavioural Research College, providing advice and collaborating with researchers in a range of disciplines. This role often required the development of applied approaches to the analysis of complex questions and models, focusing on both very large and extremely small sample problems, and additionally requiered the use of mixed methods. She holds an adjunct position with the Faculty of Arts, Education and Law and maintains an active role at the university through Forensic science research, student suprevision and Animal Ethics Committee advising. She currently works with Early Career researchers and students at Bond University, Queensland University of Technology and Monash University.

Clair completed a PhD in Bayesian Mixture Models in 2006. The research question driving this thesis was aimed at maximising the information available to livestock managers in terms of making decisions for drought management. This work was extended to quantifying fire ant habitation suitability based on Satellite images, Monitoring particle size in air pollution, forming bio-regions from satellite images and expert opinion and monitoring reef chlorophyl blooms.

Clair has been working as an applied statistician since graduating with a B.Math(Hons) majoring in statistics in 1993. Her first appointment was with NSW Agriculture as a biometrician. Whilst working in this role she completed a Master of Science (Research).