Dr Claudia A. Echeverria

Dr. Echeverria is a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW Sydney. The objective of her work at UNSW has been the development of multi-scale green solutions through R&D interdisciplinary approach integrating Science, Engineering, and Built Environment.

Her work in materials innovation, prototyping and development is based on multiple synthesis methods at low and high temperatures, targeting novel solutions to complex issues of major concern, such as env. pollution, noise control, flood control, waste resource recovery, materials toxicity, and biodegradation. The highlight of her doctoral studies was the transfer of complex heterogeneous wastes ─polymers, bioceramics, and green wastes─ into resources for high-end applications; including multi-phase hybrid systems for building applications, novel synergistic green fire-retardant additives, biomorphic 1D Nanoceramics, and high surface area polymer-derived carbons and biocarbons. As a scholar, she is committed to excellence, cross-faculty collaboration, and multi-sector engagement to continue the advancement of materials innovation under a circular economy scheme.

Currently, Dr. Echeverria is a Postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Advanced Solid and Liquid-based Electronics and Optics (CASLEO) as part of LM Plus team working in CO2 capture and conversion into carbonaceous solid Nanomaterials via LM-based technology.