Daniel Rushton

Having worked for market leading UKAS accredited asbestos consultancies in the UK for 10 years (SOCOTEC, Environmental Essentials and Thames Laboratories) I have had the opportunity to provide asbestos management solutions, advice and guidance to clients of all shapes and sizes; and at varying stages of compliance.

Ranging from HS2, to the Royal Albert Hall, the City of London Corporation to Public Health England, Network Rail to Skanska; the key driver to success has always been developing a core understanding of the individual, and group concerns, limitations, and risks faced by duty holders, employees and stakeholders.

Accidental asbestos exposure for any of my clients has always been a key concern, the non-identification of asbestos exposure a key risk. I’m really excited to be working with the ALERT team offering the worlds first real time air monitoring solution that provides a genuine improvement in the immediate identification of risk whilst at the same time offering improved data to assist in the safe and value driven running of properties, construction sites and other assets.

The utilisation of an ALERT system alongside traditional asbestos management tools, in my eyes, can only lead to improved understanding of risk and the limitation of danger. I may be biased but I don’t see a downside to using an ALERT device, the remote monitoring and mobile developments in the pipeline are very exciting. Is there any reason not to want to identify asbestos risk as early as possible? I’m yet to hear a good answer as to why you wouldn’t want to.

If you are attending the conference and fancy a chat about asbestos I can go for days, alternatively happy to talk wine, motorbikes, cheese, rugby, cricket and any other sport.